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Who we are

A time travel with information about us that you probably always wanted to know.

Our mission

We were already looking for the best provider for our own server. But somewhere all providers had a catch: Either they were much too expensive, had a miserable support, hosted on very bad hardware with poor connectivity, did not offer enough features, had many failures and thus no high availability, or failed due to several things.

With Minehub we wanted to create a service that would satisfy people. As gamers, we knew very well ourselves what requirements and expectations a provider had to meet.

Of course you don't create that overnight and then rest. That is why we continue to work for you every day, to give you an even better experience!

Time journey


In February 2016 we started the development of Minehub 1.0 in our spare time. It took us a few months until we had created a working website with the most necessary core functions in summer.

We launched with a test phase in which everyone could rent a free server to test our service. In the following weeks and months, more and more feedback came together with requests for new features.

We used the experience gained from the development of Minehub 1 to prepare the successor, which should present Minehub in a new light.


This year the important foundations for the further development of Minehub were laid. Like its predecessor, Minehub 2.0 was an in-house development, which was oriented towards the wishes of the customers and our ideas. This was also the reason why we had consciously decided against the use of market standard solutions.

We learned from the mistakes and barriers we set ourselves with Minehub 1.0 and surprised our loyal customers with a completely new and modern website, as well as with the fulfillment of their wishes in the form of new features.

After 6 months of development, 15 hours of migration, testing, debugging and a hard night, we went online with Minehub 2.0 in the morning.


In order to maintain a closer contact to our customers, we created a Discord Server, on which you could not only communicate directly with us, but also with the entire community.

In the meantime, Minehub has experienced a rapid increase in the number of users, also thanks to our free servers. This led us to develop further optimizations with Minehub 3.0 to ensure that the system continues to run smoothly.

At the end of the year, Minehub 4.0 was another highlight, which gave us important changes such as a real-time console and performance increase. This was especially noticeable with reduced startup times of the server.


In April, the long awaited V-servers came with Minehub 5.0, which gave the starting signal to gradually expand our product range.

We were already positively surprised by last year's growth, but this year exceeded all our expectations. In order to give old and new customers a better experience with Minehub, we invested a lot of money to migrate the servers to a new data center. Our customers not only got a higher availability, but also the migration to stronger and newer hardware. After the migration was completed, we shifted our focus to the realization of our biggest update to date.

Minehub 6.0 was not just supposed to bring some new feature, but to completely reinvent Minehub. Suitable solutions for all needs should be offered. No matter if it was a small server or a large network. To express our concern and philosophy, we decided to do a complete rebranding. Minehub entered a new era and this should also be reflected in the new website, where you could now rent game servers for various games.


We said it last year, and invested a lot of time behind the scenes for it this year - solutions for all needs. With our new ELITE servers, we are specifically targeting customers that consider high-end hardware to be the minimum. These servers are characterized by an enormously fast CPU and modern NVMe SSD storage.

The Minehub ecosystem was expanded in September to include the Minehub Donate service. This allowed customers to create their own Donation page directly through their Minehub account and easily offer their community a simple way to help them financially with their projects on Minehub.de. Spoiler: We have more planned for the next year.

Of course, we should not forget that there have been numerous other improvements to the website, which make it easier to use and are also nice to look at.


The Minehub ecosystem? Oh yes! We expanded that right away in January with "Minehub Packaxe," creating an an online platform that customers can use to create a webshop.

Over the years we have often been asked if we could offer domains as well and so that we don't have to stall our wonderful customers (❤️) for more years, since March we finally offer domains on our website and have now reached Minehub 7.0.

The file browser available to game servers in the web interface, has received a major update under the hood, offering more features and becoming even prettier. We also took care of a very big problem - coming up with server names. If you don't want to spend several hours racking your brains over what to call your new server, you can simply generate a server name via our website. The generator should be just a joke, but without it it would be boring as well now.



Our products

PRO Gameserver

  • expand_less up to 16 cores (@ 3,5+ GHz)
  • expand_less up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • expand_less up to 50GB SSD
  • checkWebinterface
  • checkDDoS protection
  • checkOwn IP (optional)

Starting at 1.05 € / 30 days

ELITE Gameserver

  • expand_less up to 16 cores (@ 4,6+ GHz)
  • expand_less up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • expand_less up to 50GB NVMe SSD
  • checkWebinterface
  • checkDDoS protection
  • checkOwn IP included

Starting at 4.50 € / 30 days

KVM V-Server

  • expand_less up to 16 cores (@ 3,5+ GHz)
  • expand_less up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • expand_less up to 160GB SSD
  • checkWebinterface
  • checkDDoS protection
  • checkOwn IP included
  • checkSSH Access

Starting at 3,25 € / 30 days