Our Features


One click here, one click there - your server is already deleted. Of course, our cool, self-programmed web interface has even more to offer. It's easy and intuitive to make all the settings you need for a server!

DDoS protection

All our services come with integrated DDoS protection to protect your server from envy, script kiddies, Russians, Americans, NSA, BND, Teletubbies and Rick & Morty. (Don't take it seriously. Rick is too good.)

Strong server hardware

Powerful XEON processors, fail-safe memory, and fast SSD hard drives ensure a high level of performance. of your applications and ultra low access times. Faster than the police allow and still legal on the road! No one will imitate you in a hurry.

Prepaid System

Deposit your money and spend it directly! We are looking forward to the pizza. No hidden costs, no automatic renewals or debits. Top up your credit, rent a server directly or redeem it later. No endless bureaucracy. Of course you can also donate it - if you have too much money again.

Fast connection

Race at 1Gbit/s through the Internet and download meaningful or pointless stuff. Connect hundreds of people without being confronted with robot voices.

Unlimited Traffic

No matter how many cat videos you download, no matter how often you put the whole Wikipedia on your server or how often you have to install things multiple times - let off steam! We won't stand in your way!

Our Comm­unity

Become a part of the daily growing minehub community today!

395897 rented servers

254694 Registered Users

5418 Active Servers

6170 Gigabytes of RAM