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Dear Minehub.com Community,

Since our founding in 2016, we have experienced a lot together with you. Initially in bad aged appearance, transitioning to many new versions with more and more features, new Designs and more optimized, more powerful servers. Over the years we have learned a lot, both humanly and technically, and have been able to use this knowledge in our day jobs, of course at Minehub itself, but also in our everyday life. It also fulfilled us to to offer you a unique experience, to include your wishes in the website and watch the project "Minehub" grow. In doing so, we have also encountered difficulties time and time again, be it due to problems in the datacenter, criminal energy, or enormous support efforts and the associated stresses on our private lives. Nevertheless, we have always had enough motivation to continue and to keep our, in the meantime strongly grown, hobby alive.

This motivation and euphoria have decreased in the past year. Our private lives have changed and our goals in life would not hold up if we continued to care so intensively about Minehub. For these reasons, after a few sleepless nights, we have decided to shutdown Minehub at the end of the year.

Game- and V-Server can be renewed until 23th Nov. 2022. The necessary deposits are available until 21th Nov. 2022. The servers will run until 30th Nov. 2022 and will then be shut down for ever. We will also continue to offer support until the end and support you as best as possible in the last days. Customers who have already renewed servers will be paid the difference if they wish to do so. Other remaining funds cannot be paid out. We therefore recommend everyone to use the time until the end of November and use up the remaining funds as best as possible. Special cases can be clarified with our support.

Domains can no longer be rented as of now. All domains will be held by us until 31th July 2023 and can be managed via the website until then. Customers who have already renewed domains beyond that date will be paid the difference if they wish.

For this reason, "Minehub.de" will remain online. On the same day that the domains expire, "Minehub.de" will also be shut down and thus finally go off the web. We would like to thank all of you who have supported us over the years and have been with us through the ups and downs. We hope you can understand our decision and we wish you all success for your future - both in gaming and in your own well-being and private challenges that you have to overcome in the course of your lives.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Vadim & Lukas (Minehub.de)

Wir brauchen nicht so fortzuleben, wie wir gestern gelebt haben. Machen wir uns von dieser Anschauung los und tausend Möglichkeiten laden uns zu neuem Leben ein. – Christian Morgenstern