Minehub Packaxe

Create and manage your own webshop directly with your Minehub account.

Minehub Packaxe is the direct integration for your Minecraft game server to run a webshop.

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Made for you

Minehub Packaxe is our own online platform that allows you to easily create and manage a webshop for your Minecraft game server.

Additional content

Offer your community additional digital content that they can purchase through your shop. Improve the gaming experience on your server with exclusive ingame ranks, cosmetics, items, pets, or other content.

Quickly created

Create a shop for your game server quickly and easily - without any programming knowledge. We take care of the rest, such as the technical and payment processing.

Everything connected

You can directly use your Minehub account to create and manage a webshop. The payments made by your community are available to you as Minehub balance, which you can use for your servers.

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Create your own shop in the blink of an eye and get started.