Information for parents

Dear Parents,

This page will help you understand how Minehub works, how your money is dealt with and how it works in particular, how your kids are protected by us.

Basically, you should know that you, or your children, only have mine-lift credit over that of you charge selected payment method.

With this credit, an existing server can be extended, a new one rented, or another one Users are donated.

Please always make sure that you only charge as many credits as you or your child need, as we do not Pay off remaining balance. You can also calculate how much the Minecraft server will cost later without logging in here to let:

All servers are rented for a certain period of time and expire if not renewed. Neither you nor your child are bound by contract periods. Even after the rented server has expired, we keep a daily backup created by us for up to 3 days after the server expires. server sequence. There are no additional costs for the deletion, the storage or other services. Also the normal support is completely free of charge. Only the Premium Support (configuration of plugins, voice support) can later optional for a certain fee must be posted in addition

In addition, we would like to point out that we are not responsible for the events on the servers of your Children are liable. If your child's server is public and strangers are allowed to join the server, Your child or you must take the necessary configuration to protect the Minecraft world and data.

Any further questions regarding the security of your children's servers, the financial legal basis, or General questions about we answer you by e-mail .

Yours sincerely

The minehub team

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