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With a partnership at Minehub, you get support for your projects. But there are also some requirements that we have, because we can't accept every request.

  • forward Partnership for a project

    If you need a server for your project, it is basically no problem. Describe your project to us with all the details we need to know. This includes size and duration. So we can know in advance if your server needs 2GB or 20GB RAM. As for channels, a certain range is necessary for projects as well.

    The minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 views per month also applies to projects. This minimum only applies to you and not to all other people involved. Why? Because we want to avoid that someone has to gather 100 people to get the minimum together.

    The project must also be public. This means that videos or streams have to be made. No matter whether from one person or from all persons who participate in it. We therefore reject private projects.

    Since the partnership only refers to the respective project, the partnership is also terminated at the end of the project.

    If you are planning a community server, we have to tell you that this is not a project. This falls into the category "Partnership for a channel".

    What information do we need from you?

    • check_circle project name
    • check_circle Project description with details of duration and size
    • check_circle Project period
    • check_circle Information about the server (RAM and disk space)
    • check_circle if available, participant list with links to the channels / social media
  • forward Partnership for a channel

    Do you have a gaming channel that focuses on Minecraft and are you planning something for your community or are you generally looking for a hoster as a partner? Then this kind of partnership is ideal for you.

    But you should know that we only accept requests if there is enough content on the respective social media channel. We therefore reject inactive or empty channels. We only support people who actively pursue their hobby and need support.

    Just tell us what you got planned, and we'll see how we can help you.

    What are the prerequisites?

    • check_circle At least 1000 subscribers/followers
    • check_circle At least 4000 views per month
    • check_circle Channel is actively managed

What do we expect from you? This is not much, because your channel / project and not us should be in the foreground.

It is enough for us if you mention us (the website) in the video or in the description. Of course we are happy if we are at the beginning of the description and not in line 71 of 82 ;).

You can of course also make an extra video to Minehub.de but that is not a requirement.

  • check_circle Visible reference to Minehub.de in video or description

If you have any questions about the partnership or are interested, you can simply contact support@minehub.de. We are looking forward to your inquiry and projects.

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