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With a partnership with Minehub, you get support for your projects or your community server. But there are also some requirements from us, as we can not accept every request.

  • forwardPartnerschaft für ein Projekt

    If you need a server for your project, it's basically not a problem. Describe your project with all the details we should know. This includes the size and the duration. So we can know in advance if your server requires 2GB or 20GB RAM. As with channels, projects also require a certain reach.

    The project must also be public. This means that videos or streams have to be done. Whether by one person or by all persons who participate in it. We therefore reject private projects.

    • check_circle project name
    • check_circle Description of the project with information on duration and size
    • check_circle public project
    • check_circle List of participants with links to the channels
  • forwardPartnerschaft für einen Kanal

    First, you should know that we will only accept requests if there is enough Minecraft content on each channel. It's also important that your channel is not idle. If you have not uploaded a video for several months, the partnership does not help, because we are happy to support people who are actively involved in their hobby and need support. The size of the channel is not that important, as we also make exceptions if we find the content good. As a minimum requirement, however, we have set 500 subscribers / followers, as experience has shown that it is not worthwhile. Exceptions are possible.

    But we are still interested in why you need a partnership. What did you expect?

    • check_circle At least 500 subscribers / followers
    • check_circle At least 2000 views per month
    • check_circle Channel is actively managed
    • check_circle Minecraft content

After you have your server, you are surely wondering what we want from you. That's not much, because your channel / project and not us should be in the foreground.

It's enough for us, if you mention us or the website in the video or in the description. Of course, we are pleased when we are at the beginning of the description and not in line 71 of 82 ;).

You can of course also make an extra video to Minehub.de but that is not a requirement.

  • check_circle Mention Minehub.de in the video or description

If you have any questions or are interested in the partnership, feel free to contact support@minehub.de . We look forward to your inquiry and projects.

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