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The right solution
for all your big projects

You get an accurate solution tailored to your needs with Minehub Business.

The maximum performance

PRO servers and V servers have a common disadvantage: they share the resources of a fixed machine with others. Minehub-Business minimizes the servers on one node and offers the possibility to use a dedicated host alone. Fail-safe DDR4 memory, ultra-fast NVMe SSDs, the latest Intel® and AMD processors provide the maximum performance to even the most demanding applications. Operate the most demanding services with maximum performance and minimum access times.

No limits

Minehub-Business offers the possibility to scratch at the limits of server equipment. Whether 64GB or 2TB RAM, whether 16 CPU cores or 128, 120GB or 10TB SSD - everything is possible. Full root access, if desired, gives you complete control over the host system so you can customize it to your needs. Monitoring solutions allow you to monitor the server away from your own 4 walls and react quickly.

Highest level of support

With a direct connection to the customer service you have the fastest possible support at your side, which Minehub.de has to offer. Otherwise it is also available for you for all technical questions in the best possible way to achieve the optimal result for your product.

What Minehub Business offers you


We provide you with a web interface with which you can easily manage your server.

Powerful hardware

Powerful Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors, fail-safe memory, and fast SSD hard drives ensure extremely high performance and ultra-low access times.

DDoS protection

All our services come with integrated DDoS protection to protect your server from attacks.

Multi-server system

If one server is not enough for you, you can set up an entire network of several servers with just one account.

100% green energy

We get the power for your server from renewable energy sources.

Location Germany

All our servers are located in Frankfurt am Main and have a direct connection to the DE-CIX Internet node.



We have developed the PRO tools for your gameserver to make it much easier for you to manage your gameserver.

FTP access

Simply upload your files, plugins and worlds to your server via an FTP client or our web interface.

MySQL database

Each gameserver gets a free MySQL database, which you can use for your gameserver.


We create a backup of your game server every day, which you can access in case of emergency. You can also easily create your own backups via our web interface.


Full root access

Each V-Server is installed in such a way that you can start directly as root. So you have full access and can let your creativity, your zest for action and your technical enthusiasm run wild.

High speed connection

Your V-Server is connected with a bandwidth of up to 1Gbit/s.

VNC & Rescue-System

You can boot and repair your server from a rescue image at any time, or access your console directly with VNC if your server is not reachable.

Fair-use traffic

The term "fair use" is to be understood as appropriate use. Thus any traffic within a normal use is included and without additional costs.