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Your free server
for a direct start

Our CORE products come with no hidden costs and give you an instant, free start.

Start right away

With Minehub CORE we want to give you the opportunity to start using your own server right away. You don't have to enter your credit card details or pay any money in advance. Our CORE products are completely free for you, with no hidden costs or liabilities.

The stable core

The core of our functions is available for you free of charge to run your server. You have access to the web interface, full FTP access and we also give you a free database for your server.

24/7 online

You can rent your server for 3 days in advance and renew it at any time. Your server is always available during the rental period, just like a PRO server. We do not require any minimum activity on your server to keep it online. All you have to do is renew your server regularly so that it will not be deleted.

Rent your free server


This is in your CORE Server

Completely free

Our CORE products are completely free of charge for you as a user. You also do not subscribe to any of our products.

Powerful hardware

Powerful Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors, fail-safe memory, and fast SSD hard drives ensure extremely high performance and ultra-low access times.

DDoS protection

All our services come with integrated DDoS protection to protect your server from attacks.


Via our modern, self-developed web interface you can easily and intuitively make all the settings you need for your game server.

FTP access

Simply upload your files, plugins and worlds to your server via an FTP client or our web interface.

MySQL database

Each gameserver gets a free MySQL database, which you can use for your gameserver.


We create a backup of your game server every day, which you can access in case of emergency. You can also easily create your own backups via our web interface.

100% green energy

We get the power for your server from renewable energy sources.

Location Germany

Our servers are located in Germany.